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Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR)

Public Interest Litigation Support Project (pils)

Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ)

Human Rights Consortium (HRC)

Founded by human rights activist and trade unionist Inez McCormack, the UN acclaimed PPR organisation supports marginalised people and groups to assert their human rights and make real social and economic change in their communities.

Northern Ireland’s leading organisation in developing public interest litigation, through offering legal and financial support to community and voluntary organisations seeking to realise human rights and equality in practice.

Northern Ireland’s leading independent human rights organisation campaigns for human rights and seeks to ensure the government and other organisations meet their obligations under human rights law. The CAJ also convenes the Equality Coalition which comprises community, voluntary sector organisations and trade unions and provides a forum for unity between all sectors when campaigning for equality whilst allowing for the diversity of its members’ work and views.

The Human Rights Consortium is a broad alliance of civil society organisations working together to ensure a human rights based society in Northern Ireland. The Consortium does this by helping to protect and promote human rights and raise awareness, understanding and participation in the process for developing a strong and inclusive Bill of Rights.

Participation and the Practice of Ri
The PILS Project
Human Rights Consortium
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